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Trial Lesson

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To Apply for a Trial Lesson Please Click on "Contact me"

Trial lessons are provided for 1,500 yen for those who are considering taking lessons.

(This covers my drink and transportation costs)

I will send you the following questions by e-mail, please reply before the trial lesson so that we don't waste lesson time collecting basic information.

Your purpose for studying Japanese, language background and language environment

Day / Time you wish to have your lessons

01 Contact me

Trial Lessons

The trial lesson will be more effective if this information is sent to me ahead of time.

Then based on the results of the trial lesson, I will be in a position to select the most suitable textbook and to give advice on learning and future study methods.

After the trial lesson please feel free to give me feedback.

And, don't forget to let me know if you want to continue the lessons.

03 Trial Lesson

For Those who Wish to Continue

You must purchase your textbook yourself, although I can pick it up for you.

As the lessons progress, the amount of homework can be adjusted according to the student's request.

In case you have trouble understanding the homework, please write down your question so we can go over it during the next lesson.

Sometimes it's ok to close the textbooks and just enjoy conversation, this helps students to progress without tiring out.

Since the emphasis of the lessons is on communication skills rather than grammar, conversation will help you to learn casual expressions not found in textbooks, and to reword or ask for clarification when you don't understand.

When you want to read news or other articles in Japanese or understand a movie or animation etc., I am quite happy to use these things as the teaching material.

04 Continue the lesson
05 Contact me
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