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Sachi's Japanese Lessons

For ​Beginners

 "Indirect Instruction using English to teach Japanese"

For Intermediate / Advanced

"Indirect Instruction using Japanese as much as possible with English as an auxiliary"

The Ultimate in Customized Lessons

By All Means Try Out My Personalized Lessons

Have you found certain textbooks or methods just don't work for you? Have you become discouraged?

Goals and needs greatly differ person to person, so unless you have a group lesson, it is actually very inefficient to try to teach everyone in the same way.

Taking into consideration that each person has their own strengths and weaknesses, I try to fine tune the lessons to the individual.

My method is to start with the areas that are strongest and then gradually work on the weaker areas.


However, this "method" is not set in stone, I find it easy to be flexible with regard to teaching styles.

Maintaining Motivation

with a Goal Oriented Approach

What is your motivation for learning Japanese?

It can be any reason.

・I need Japanese at work.

・I want to make my life in Japan easier.

・I want to be able to talk with my Japanese partner and friends.

・I am interested in Japan.

・I want to watch Japanese animation without subtitles.

・I would like to be able to write kanji.

I look for the best approach to suit the goals of the student, so that their motivation stays high and they can achieve their goals in a fun and effective way starting from areas that interest them.

Features of Sachi's Lessons

I focus on efficiency

★ To ensure that students learn in an effective way according to their specialized interests and goals, I adjust my teaching accordingly and avoid sticking too closely to particular methods and textbooks.

 I try to reduce paper waste by incorporating my iPad into the lessons, using the internet to share new vocabulary between me and my students.

I explain vocabulary and examples on the spot.

I also use visual data to confirm comprehension.

This kind of service has gained popularity as it means that we no longer need to make flash cards by hand.

・Using textbooks that have English explanations, such as Minna no Nihongo, GENKI etc.(However, if the student wishes to use something else we can try that too)

・Lessons are in Japanese as much as possible, but explanations can be made in English when necessary

・To avoid simply collecting grammar rules, we practice the grammar learned by enacting real scenarios


・Teaching materials selected according to the student's needs or requests

・Contents specific to the student's needs
  (How to write business letters, make presentations, improve reading comprehension, writing for blogs, etc.)

・Japanese explanations made in Japanese

Intermediate / Advanced Students

・ Discussions based on the JLPT textbook

・Consultation on how to pass successfully and analysis of results from simulated tests

・Exercises tailored to improve weak points

Students who wish to take the JLPT Exam

・ Exercises focused on Japanese expressions 'immediately' necessary for life in Japan

・Not just grammar, but practicing of real-life conversations while memorizing vocabulary and sentences

Students who need survival Japanese only

・ Before coming to Japan, short-term, intensive practice of basic necessary Japanese

(Greetings / Numbers etc.)

・ Practicing scenarios for shops and restaurants, and how to ask directions

Travelers that want to enjoy speaking some Japanese


Consultation on Learning Methods

From time to time I consult with the student regarding learning methods.

Of course it always takes time to learn a language, but in order to achieve more efficient results in a short time, I often review the learning method and make suggestions adapted to that student.


Text Messaging

Depending on the needs of the student, as a way to practice output they may send casual messages free of charge via LINE or other SNS services.

Of course I am not always able to respond immediately, but by chatting lightly in this way you can enjoy live interaction not available from textbooks.


Online Japanese Lessons

For busy business people and those living abroad, I do online Japanese lessons via Zoom.

Regular lessons can also be switched to online lessons.

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