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Cost and Location

Where to Have Lessons?

Students may choose a place where they feel relaxed and able to learn.

In the office, at home, at your favorite cafe, please choose the place you think is best for you.

I can come to your area for your lessons.

For my lesson rounds I go to parts of Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Tokyo (Setagaya, Meguro, Minato, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, and Shibuya Wards)

Kanagawa (parts of Kawasaki city only along the Tokyu line)

If you live in an area other than the above, you can come to Shibuya Station, Shinjuku Station, or Shinagawa Station for your lessons (transportation fees paid by students)

Lesson Fees

[Private Lessons]

60 minutes: 3,500 yen

90 minutes: 5,000 yen

[Online Lessons]

60 minutes: 2,000 yen

90 minutes: 3,000 yen

[Group Lessons (up to 3 people)]

60 minutes: 2,500 yen

90 minutes: 3,500 yen

Payment Methods

・Cash payments on the spot

・Cash payments at the end of the month

・PayPal payments at the end of the month

(PayPal requires an additional 5% PayPal fee)

・PayPal payment for 4 lessons in advance for Zoom Lessons

(PayPal requires an additional 5% PayPal fee)

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