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SACHI's Lessons
SACHI's Lessons
SACHI's Lessons

Hi Everyone!

My name is Sachi and I'm a Japanese teacher.

Before becoming a Japanese teacher, I worked in marketing at a computer company, but I couldn't forget how much I enjoyed working part-time as a teacher and personal tutor in a cram school in my college days, so as I was interested in language, I decided to start a new life as a Japanese teacher.
I find it very fulfilling to have a part in helping foreigners to know how fun and interesting Japanese can be, as well as deepening their understanding of Japanese culture.
By spending time with students from various countries I learn many things myself and again and again find joy in teaching Japanese.
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Sachi Suzui - Profile
・Born in Nishinomiya, Hyogo
・Acquired a Teacher's License (English) at Kobe University at the Faculty of Education,
・Sales support for domestic and overseas branches, Fujitsu Limited Marketing Division
・Completed 420 hours, Japanese Teacher Training Course
・Private Lessons in Japanese (over 400 hours per year)
・Started Japanese Lessons from Meetup Events


・Art Museums, Cafes
・Working out

・Favorite band, "perfume" (techno pop music)

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